University VW Solar Panels

University Volkswagen Solar Panels


Why this is Important to UVW

We believe in giving back to the community. We are not doing this to sell cars, we are doing this because it is the responsible thing to do. We wanted to be leaders in the automotive sales industry for what a dealership should be for its clients and community. With more electric vehicles becoming available from Audi and Volkswagen, we wanted to give our clients and neighbors the peace of mind knowing that their cars, and their dealership are being powered by clean energy. In addition to the solar roof, we also have a moss section of the roof to collect rainwater to provide for the facilities of the building, as well as our car wash.

The Future of EV for Volkswagen

We see the future, and electric vehicles are our future. We see that current power arrangements just aren’t sustainable long term, so sustainable power is the first major step needed to embracing our greener future. With the introduction of VW’s modular electric vehicle platform (MEB), VW is prepared to take the electric vehicle segment to a new level of popularity. The Volkswagen group has announced that they plan to spend $86 billion over the next 5 years to adapt to changes in the industry. By the end of the decade, The Volkswagen group expects to have built 26 million electric cars, along with 9 million hybrids. We are excited for this next page of VW history, and we wanted to plan accordingly.

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